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'Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers' is the first of the Arnie Jenks books and is published on 28th August 2014.  It's an action-packed novel that will be suitable for children aged 12 and above. The adventure takes the reader from the 16th century through to the present day, which will appeal to young readers who enjoy both contemporary and historical fiction.


You can download a free sample chapter of 'Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers' by clicking here.



View the press release here.


View the advance information here.


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The Making of a Book  Conception to the First Draf

Featured article series for


Hello everyone, I have had the fantastic opportunity to write four articles for the established Writers & Artists Magazines. I explain the process of writing my first children's novel from the initial stages to getting my book into readers hands, I shall share the links below accompanied by a snippet.


1. Process of writing a debut children's novel:


2. The making of a book:


3. On the road to publication:


4: Beyond Publication


Check out a sneak peek below!



AJ Aylesbury library nov 2014 AJ Aylesbury Library Nov 20142

Aylesbury library, Bucks 18th November 2014

February/March 2016

July 2014

Christmas Fayre in Cuddington Village Hall, Bucks, November 2014.

Timcuddington2014 Cuddington Xmas Fayre 2014

I had the wonderful chance to visit the Christmas Fayre in Cuddington Village Hall.

High Wycombe Library Visit - February 2015

book img

I had the wonderful chance to visit High Wycomb Library. I met some great people and some enthusiastic fans.

lord williams school

Visiting Lord Williams's School - December 2014


Visit Dec 9th 2014 - Waddesdon Voice Magazine


Collection of reviews - Various Dates

I have taken the opportunity to dedicate a page to all my media releases related to my writing, scroll down below and click on the images and links to find further information about how my book is being received in the press.

AJ review - Carousel books  -1

Visit to Cuddington and Dinton School, Bucks:  April 2016


Following on from my visit to Cuddington and Dinton school, here I am with the Year 6 prize winners of a creative writing competition who used their incredible imaginations to create their own adventure for Arnie Jenks.  Congratulations to all three! And if you want to read them, anyone who is visiting Haddenham Library in Bucks can find them on display.  And a heartfelt thanks to everyone at the school who worked so hard taking part!  It was very tough to judge, the standard being so high.  Well done and good luck with all your future writing!  













Cuddington & Dinton Church of England School

author Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers – Tim Bradley. Reviewed by Awesome Guy  9    Mango Bubbles Books Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers by Tim Bradley   Review   Historical Novels Review

I'm very excited to announce I have been entered into the Words for the Wounded writing competition, for which I have been commended. I'm absolutely delighted to receive this exciting news which means a very great deal. Particularly as the standard of the entrants seemed so high in addition to being judged by Felicity Trew of the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency.


Words for the Wounded raises money via writing prizes, events and donation to help wounded servicemen and women. Every penny is important, and every penny we raise goes to where it should, because the organisers, (the three grannies) absorb all expenses.


Our principle fundraising plank continues to be writing prizes and we consider our aim is to encourage aspiring writers as well as raising money. To this end we are now holding an annual LitFest day.


More information can be found for Words for the Wounded Independent Author Book Award 2016 by clicking