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fate bringing them together at Shabbington Hall.  I thought it might be fun to peep into their world during the hours or minutes before the action in the book gets going.

I've included their name, but as to who they are and what they're about is there for you to guess.    I hope you enjoy meeting them!


I'll be back from time to time - updating you - with what people are saying and asking, plus some hints in a few weeks time of what might happen after you finish turning the last page of 'Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers.'  Yes!  His second adventure is well under way and I'm enjoying seeing what he does as I write!


Please do visit this website when you can, and post comments by e-mail, facebook, or twitter if you'd like.  It's a great way for me to know and share how Arnie's doing!


Happy reading

Welcome to my website!  Home for all that is new and upcoming from the world of Arnie Jenks.


The first time we meet 12-year-old schoolboy Arnie is on a visit to the crumbling, mysterious Shabbington Hall, unaware he's about to unravel a web of secrets that will change his life forever in the adventure of 'Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers.'  You can read Chapter One by clicking on the Books tab above.


Also under the Books tab, I've posted some special new material that's not available anywhere else!  It describes what some of the characters, including Arnie, were doing prior to


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